Centre for economic cooperation with China

Our mission

We create growth opportunities for SMEs based on the immense economic potential of China and the EU. We put the opportunities in practice. We help to realize these opportunities and minimize all kinds of risks connected with the international business.

„ …opening up new opportunities, mitigating risks.“

Our cooperating Chinese partner - with our partners we are strong even in China

China Shenyang International Economic & Technical Cooperation Corporation Limited (CSYIC)is a state-owned enterprise. CSYIC engages in domestic and overseas engineering contracting projects, foreign aid project, domestic and overseas investment management, labor service and technical cooperation, import and export trade and others.

Our history and background

Center for Economic Cooperation with China (CECC) was established in 2008, it is a joint project of Zlin Region government and Zlin Region Chamber of Commerce. As a result of continuous development, the Center and its activities have been operated by the company Mersinis, spol. s r.o. since 2013. Establishing a new independent company allowed us to enhance the scope of services and to provide better and more specialized assistance for SMEs according to the previously stipulated goals.

In 2008 we started to establish trusted network in China. This is considered to be the essential goal to provide professional and comprehensive services based on the mutual cooperation between our Czech and Chinese co-workers.

A team of qualified project managers, specialised in foreign trade and with the knowledge of Chinese language was built for the services in the European market, especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Next to these, highly specialized external staff is available for specific projects.

The services in China are provided by managers specialized in international trade as well as by a network of 30 professionally trained quality inspectors and 25 lawyers specialized in business law. Our services cover the territory from the north to the south of China and Taiwan.

With the support of the Zlin Regional government, the Center established number of official relations with regional governments in provinces of Liaoning, Guangdong and Hebei. These relations are complementary to the executive level relations and contribute to solve the specific needs for business.

The Center can provide many testimonies of successful business projects and business missions to China, as well as missions within Czech Republic covering trade fair visits and business meetings.

Our strengths

  • Know-how has been continually developed since 2008
  • Results and client´s testimonies
  • Strong background both in EU and China, experienced team of co-workers in China and Europe
  • Long-term relationships on several official levels
  • We apply strictly individual approach (considering client´s specific needs, alternative solutions, cost/benefit oriented choice of the best solution)
  • If unable to satisfy the client on high professional level, we don´t offer our services
  • The safety of the customer business cases is a top priority for us, we inform customers about all possible pitfalls and propose the best solution for their needs regardless our profit